Xibei Oats

| JANUARY 2016


This is a branding project made for Xibei Oats restaurant. Xibei is a Chinese catering brand which is specialized in Northwestern Chinese dishes such as oats noodles. This project was revised in 2019.



Branding, Graphic Design

| Cross-Cultural Design

Xibei Oats planned to open a new restaurant that aims to combine the features of Chinese and western dishes. Therefore, I applied the same idea to my design and mixed the traditional Chinese and modern style to create a clean and fine vibe for the brand.

| Bilingual Logo Text

Unlike the Latin alphabet, the writing system in China, “Hanzi”, consists of tens of thousands of characters. This leads to the result that there are not so many choices with Chinese typefaces comparing to Latin. Therefore, I decided to design the Chinese text in the logo by myself.

The style of the characters combines the features of Heiti and Songti, which are two major categories in Chinese typefaces.

I also took reference from a Latin typeface called Cronos Pro, which is used for the English text in the brand design. I adjusted the end of strokes and balanced the thickness of the strokes. After the adjustment, the Chinese and English texts look more united and fit each other better than before.

| Flexible Logo

Instead of a fixed logo, I tried to play with the arrangement of the composition elements in the logo. For example, the oats symbol in the logo has several versions – the amount of the oats alters depending on the size and format of the logo. Besides, there are logos with only a symbol and an English name that can be used in certain situations.




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